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I just want to tell you a little about why I chose telecommunications as my major. I love talking and I love getting to know and connect with people so for me being able to tell someones story is such a gift. It is crazy to think that you are able to show people who someone is or what they do in such a positive light. I specifically chose entertainment news because I like talking about the good rather than the bad. UF has one of the top telecommunications programs in the U.S. so it is such a privileged to be going through this program. Life as a journalist at UF is incredible because of all the opportunities that are available to us. You have the chance to work with some of the most prestigious professionals in the industry and learn what it takes to get to the top. Erin Andrews is one of my favorite reporters and the fact that she went through the same program that I am going through is mind blowing to me. It shows that we have just as good a chance of making it big in thi…


Hello all!! Below are links to my classmates blogs! I loved learning about all of them and the different activities they're into. Enjoy!

The Tipping Point Review

The Tipping Point was powerful, informative, interesting and eye opening. I think it did an amazing job of explaining what it takes for your idea to become a hit. There were a ton of takeaways from reading this but I think some of the most important included three specific ideas. The first idea was that once an idea reaches the tipping point, it spreads like fire. The second idea was that three kinds of people are responsible for getting ideas to tip. Last but certainly not least was the idea that without stickiness, no idea will ever tip.  Going off the first idea was that fire spreads like crazy once it starts, which is kind of like an idea that takes off. All it takes is for one person to be interested and then they tell their friends and so on and you idea is the next big thing. It is crazy how word of mouth works these days, especially with the significance of social media. Almost any idea has the ability to take off if you do it the right way and talk to the right people. The tip…

Classmates Blog Reviews

I read a few more classmates blogs and really loved learning about each of them. It is always so cool to learn about someone and the different things they experience and what makes them happy and keeps them motivated to be the best they can be. Courtney Mims is an extreme sport fan and I love her passion for all things basketball and football. I think it's amazing that she's following her dream of becoming a sports reporter by starting off with the UF Football team. Landon Mcfee had such a relatable blog post. I know the quote "Sorry I can't I have practice" all too well. In fact it was my catch phrase throughout high school too. I loved how he was able to find himself and was ok with it taking some time.  Amanda Cheney is another great example of eyes set on her goals. She is a student athlete and has faced some diversity in her four years here at UF. She is positive and determined and has made the most at her time at Florida. It so amazing to see someone follow t…

Classmates Blog Review

Happy Thursday!! I really enjoyed getting to know my classmates this week by reading over a few of their blogs.  It was cool to see what they are passionate about and what they are like as a person. Gabriella Garza was one of the first blogs that I read. I really enjoyed her "About Me" section because she shared about traveling and even that she has a media based blog. I really love the fact that she's such a positive person and wants everyone to feel their best and enjoy their lives.  The next blog I loved was Kylie Adkins. I really enjoyed reading about not only her career goals but about why she does the things she does. It was very personal, especially the part about why she enjoys wiring so much, and I feel like I really got to know who she is as a person through her "About Me" section.  Paige Scheriger had a great "About Me" segment. She opened up about the ups and downs of being in college, particularly being here as a college-athlete. I was a c…

About Me

Hi! My name is Tyla Martin and I am a fourth year telecommunications major at the University of Florida. I was born and raised in South Florida and love all things that have to do with the beach and sun!  Some of my hobbies include swimming, shopping, and running a food Instagram with my friend.  We got super into "trendy foods" that all millennials seem to be apart of these days and decided to create an Instagram to show the places we have been and want to go. It gave us a really good excuse to travel and find some unique places and we were also able to get a ton of recommendations from people that we would have never found ourselves.  I turned 21 over the summer and have a younger brother who is still in high school.  When I first started college I had some idea of what I wanted to do but was never really set so I originally was a journalism major and then realized I had a more specific dream career in mind. I love all things sports and entertainment news related so I felt …

Tyla Martin Resume

Tyla Martin tylamartin@ufl.edu2600 NW 29th Ave Boca Raton, Florida 33434                        561-212-4240
Objective To obtain an internship position for Summer 2018 in the broadcasting industry utilizing my interpersonal and organizational skills.
Experience Reporter, WUFT-FM August 2017 – December 2017 Gainesville, FL ·Pitched weekly local news stories for allNorth Central Florida ·Conducted Interviews and wrote web stories ·Cut and edited sound from interviews and created wraps for radio segments
May 2017 – August 2017 Marketing Intern, G.A. Telesis – One of the world’s largest commercial aerospace firms with over $1.0 billion in assets under management. Fort Lauderdale, FL ·Researched audience preferences and discovered current trends throughout all social media platforms